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ORCA Ireland


Fellow racer,

We would firstly like to thank all members who attended our AGM

Resolution of Committee:

The following committee was re-elected for the 2015 Season:

Chairman:- Fionn OhEadhra
Secretary:- James Kelly
Treasurer:- Luke Collins

We would like take the opportunity to thank the 2014 Committee for their work throughout the year.

Rule Changes:

It was deemed that following rule changes will take place. A full rulebook will be available in the coming weeks.

  • Club Championship rounds will be open to non-members. Entry fee for non-members will be at least €5.00 or 50% (which ever is greater) more than members. Points will not be earned by non-members and points cannot be carried forward to the inception of membership. For 2015 this has been altered to include that basic entry fee will be €10 for members (includes 1 class) (+€5 per additional class).
  • The race day schedule will be assessed by the committee and amended where necessary and shall be published and strictly adhered to. (unchanged)
  • Penalties: (unchanged)
    • Failure to marshal:
      • During heats: demoted to back of grid for final
      • During finals: disqualification from event, no points will be awarded.
      • The only exception shall be that a driver may nominate another person (must also be a club member and is not already supposed to be marshaling) to take their marshal position. This must be communicated to the race director before the start of the heat/final.
    • Delaying the start of a final:
      • A delay of 10 minutes may be called at the start of a final. There may only be one delay per final. The competitor who requests the delay must start from the back of the grid (Position 11 - or position indicated by race director), and their original position must be left empty.
  • The club shall run 1/10th Electric Touring Cars with the following rules to apply:
    • 10.5T motors
    • Open tyres
    • EFRA rules will apply
    • Modified will be ran where numbers allow and will be ran separate to pro-stock.
  • The club shall run 1/10th Electric F1 Cars with the following rules to apply:
    • 21.5T motors
    • Blinky
    • Open tyres
  • The club shall run 1/5th FG Minis with the following rules to apply:
    • Strictly BRCA rules
  • The club also aims to align its rules with the RCCAOI and EFRA rulebooks where rules regarding safety are not already noted
  • Use of a LiPo charging bag at all times (no exceptions)
  • Attendance of at least one maintenance day mandatory for all members competing in the ORCA Club Championship. Failure will result in deduction of points from the first round completed.
  • Calendar: The calendar where possible will have racing every second week.For any proposed break (i.e. a large number of members are competing at an international event) the club will make every effort to hole a "Fun/Open Day" to accommodate other members.

2014 Fees:

It has be decided that the fees for the 2015 Season be as follows:

  • Membership:
    • Full Yearly Membership: €50
    • Associate Membership: €25
  • Race Fees:
    • Member: €10 (+€5 per additional class)
    • Non-member/guest: €15 (+€5 per additional class)

Membership Forms:

We have discussed the feasibility with Dublin City Council for our members to drive their vehicles into the park on Non-race days. This will be permitted on a trial basis and will be subject to you completing page 2 of the membership form. You are asked to comply with all bye-laws related to park set down Dublin City Council. Parking in the park is not a right it is a privilege and should be respected as such. Your vehicle registration will be printed on your membership card and you are asked to have this with you at all times while using the track.

All competitors at all race days will also need to provide there vehicle registration details to race control via per-registration or track side.

The membership form is available at: http://www.orcaireland.ie/index.php/downloads.html

2015 Race Calendar:

The 2015 event calendar has been published at: http://www.orcaireland.ie/index.php/calendar.html. All members are asked to comply with restrictions set down by Dublin City Council on the dates mentioned.

We wish you all a successful 2015 Season.

The ORCA Ireland Committee
w:- www.orcaireland.ie
e:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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